Will student loans become a hot topic in the midterm elections?

Earlier this year, President Joe Biden announced plans to offer student loan relief to borrowers within certain income brackets. but, federal court thwart rescue plans, the administration said Be confident that relief will move forward.

But how much student loan priority will voters give voters in this year’s midterm elections?

vox reported that 40% of registered voters between the ages of 18 and 34 strongly support the student loan forgiveness plan, but their vote may not be the election-changing demographic.

according to vox“What is clear is that Biden’s actions are not as popular with the types of voters that tend to matter in midterm elections in battleground states: older white Americans and independents.” Although partisan, generally speaking (Democrats support student loan forgiveness, Republicans don’t), some of the data Vox included in its article suggests that young right-leaning voters are more supportive of student loan forgiveness than older voters.

That said, student loans don’t appear to be the top issue in this election.

The biggest problem, according to poll data, is inflation.according to CNBC, many Americans are concerned about how inflation will affect them. I worry about being able to Voters have also expressed concerns about the impact of the stock market on them and whether a recession is imminent.

Despite multiple young voters endorsing Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan, other issues seem to take precedence. NPR Some younger voters reported that they seemed more concerned about reproductive rights than student loan forgiveness.

But I don’t think abortion will be a decisive issue in this election.a recent votes Both Democrats and Republicans think there are too many restrictions on abortion, according to ABC News and the Washington Post, but economic concerns are the biggest problem this year. vote It shows that abortion is an important issue among young women voters.

Midterm Election Day is November 8th.

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