White House attacks Republicans over student loan scheme

T.he White House attacking republicans student loan The issue remains unresolved before the midterm elections.

president Joe Biden Announced transfer of $500 billion in student loans August 24thbut the program has since stalled in court, with more than half a dozen lawsuits filed in attempts to stop it. release Thursday’s “By the Numbers” sheet lashed out at Republicans over the issue.

Biden, Democrats Face Reassessment of COVID-19 Policy Ahead of Midterm Elections

“The Biden Administration’s Student Debt Relief Plan Will Most Benefit Working and Middle-Class Families,” read one. “But Republican officials across the country have a different plan. Officials have filed lawsuits not to relieve the burden of loan debt for tens of millions of Americans, but to prevent those hardest hit by the pandemic from receiving relief.”

The Republican-led coalition of six states sued Over the issue, the judge suspended the program pending further review.of Biden administration It countered by making available preliminary applications for “bailouts” that nearly 26 million borrowers had filled out.

“If Republican officials get their way, monthly expenses for tens of millions of Americans will rise dramatically when student loan payments resume next year,” reads a White House release. “Working and middle-class Americans who are forgiven of up to $10,000 or $20,000 in student loans under the Biden administration’s plan will be exposed to the burden of loan debt.”

The release further breaks down who will get debt relief if the plan goes through, with 20 million borrowers having their remaining debt forgiven and 40% of their debt coming from people with certificates rather than degrees. says it is something.

Republicans point out that 87% of the population has no student loans,blue collar repulsion“Among those who did not attend college, those who attended without taking out a loan, and those who paid off their loans.

They also argue that the program clearly violates the law, as only Congress has power over the purse under the Constitution.

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Attorney at Pacific Legal Foundation michael poon said Washington Examiner. “The administration’s ‘legislation by press’ is clearly unconstitutional.”

and statement to Washington JuryRep. Virginia Fox (R-North Carolina), a leading member of the House Education and Labor Committee, accused her Democratic colleagues of being “shameless” for pushing the program “instead of pushing this kind of policy.” said. He “should go back to the blueprint with Republicans so we can work together on smart, bipartisan policies.”

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