What’s Happening With Soaring Dow Retirement Insurance Premiums?



To the editor:

I know that the Dow Retirement Health Insurance, which has increased 89% over the past three years, has increased 89% over the past three years, while national health care costs have increased an average of 4-6% per year, according to CMS.gov (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services). I am writing to draw your attention that insurance premiums are skyrocketing. .

Over the past three years, Dow has increased my monthly premiums by 17%, 23%, and 31% respectively.

Dow conducted a retiree Q&A session last year. I submitted this same data and wondered why there was such a large discrepancy with the actual cost of medical care. Most retirees I know well were very concerned and were looking forward to the comments that it might be a mistake, but the premium question was not resolved!

I hope Dow will look into this, find the root cause, and offer retirees a significant reduction that reflects the increased costs that people can afford and is in line with the national average.

Dan Reed
Batesville, Arkansas

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