Villager files petition in insurance fraud case involving brother’s wife

Sophie Bolas

A villager has filed a petition in an insurance fraud case involving his brother’s wife.

Sophie Nassif Boros, 74, of Villa Vera Cruz in the village of Santiago, has been charged with fraud. She was arrested on a warrant last week and held at the Sumter County Detention Center. She was released on her $2,000 bail.

Bolas filed a plea of ​​not guilty before Judge Mary Hatcher in Sumter County Court on Wednesday.

In court form, Bolas showed that he was collecting $828 a month in Social Security benefits and had $20,000 in the bank. She also owns a $200,000 real estate asset and she owns her 2017 Toyota Camry.

Youssef El Masry
Youssef El Masry

She is accused of working with her brother, 81-year-old Youseff El-Masry. He, who also lives in Villa Vera Cruz, is collecting $22,050 from Genworth Insurance to care for his wife, Arline Peyton.

Bolas filed papers claiming he cared for Peyton for $25 an hour. She also claimed she was not related or married to Peyton, according to an investigation by the Florida Department of Financial Services’ Investigative and Forensic Services Division. rice field.

Genworth Insurance launched a “care call” on May 12, 2021 with El-Masry, who had Bolous on speakerphone. His El-Masry, who immigrated to the United States in 1968 and spent many years in Chicago, told insurance company representatives that Blous’ “English isn’t the best,” the report said. The call was made on a recorded line. Bolas claimed he was working about 10 hours a day, helping Peyton get out of bed and to the bathroom. She also said she bathed Peyton and helped bring her to her dinner table.Investigators analyzed the call and determined that Bolas was “under guidance.”

When investigators visited Bolas’ home in August of this year, they were confronted with the fact that she was making $1,800 a week caring for Peyton. Bolas said, “That doesn’t make sense.” She said she did not receive a dime for treatment, and she concluded that she was a “volunteer.” In an interview with investigators at her home, she also confirmed that El Masry was her own brother.

El-Masry, who is also facing fraud charges, has been in the spotlight for having a heated battle with the Community Development District 2 Oversight Board earlier this year. to save illegal additions he made to his home without the approval of the building review board. He claimed that he added without permission to care for his sick wife.

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