USDA invests $3.3 million in training crop insurance agents, adjusters

The USDA is investing $3 million in two new partnerships to provide training and equipment to crop insurance agents, adjusters, and outreach educators on crop insurance options.

A partnership with the Intertribal Agriculture Council and the University of Arkansas System Agriculture Division Southern Risk Management Education Center supports USDA’s Risk Management Agency’s efforts to expand crop insurance outreach to underserved growers. We support.

The Intertribal Agriculture Council will receive approximately $1.9 million, and will work with the Risk Management Agency to work with agencies that serve minorities and underserved stakeholder groups to provide grants in underserved communities. We train, provide credentials and create a pipeline of crop insurance agents and coordinators.

“Joining forces with our partners, the Rural Coalition, Annie’s Project and Alcorn State University, will strengthen our delivery efforts in all sectors of historically underserved communities,” said the Intertribal Agriculture Council. Kari Jo Lawrence, executive director of the USDA, said in a recent USDA news release.

“It will also have a lasting impact across the crop insurance sector for providing available risk management options.”

Alcorn State University is a historically black-landed college located in Roman, Mississippi.

The Southern Risk Management Education Center at the University of Arkansas, System Agriculture Division will receive approximately $1.4 million to provide technical assistance and outreach on federal crop insurance to underserved farmers and ranchers.

Ronald Rainey, Professor and Assistant Vice Chancellor of the University of Arkansas Agricultural Systems Division, said the coordinated series of project activities intentionally strengthened engagement with communities and farmers historically underserved by federal crop insurance. says he is trying to

In addition to investing in these two new partnerships, the Risk Management Agency has since last year committed $3.19 million to 25 projects and partnerships involving dozens of winners and runners-up to expand access to crop insurance. Investing.

USDA announced in January a $2 million investment in a cooperative agreement on risk management education. This includes training on federal crop insurance options for historically underserved small growers.

USDA invested nearly $1 million in nine risk management education projects for universities and nonprofits last July. This includes Education Federal Crop Insurance, which will once again benefit historically underserved growers.

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