Underinsured: Maple Grove burn survivor shares warn about lack of home insurance

Dave Berberick lost his wife of 52 years in a tragic home fire.

Maple Grove, Minnesota — A Maple Grove man lost not only his home but his wife of 52 years to a fire in May. Dave has been unable to rebuild the house he shared with his wife over his 40 years.

His family hopes that what happened to him doesn’t happen to you.

Dave remembers being inside the house on that tragic afternoon of May 4th when his wife, Mary Jo, called out to him after he couldn’t get out of his electric recliner.

“The chair looked like it was on fire,” said Dave.

“Molten plastic was setting fire to the floor from the back of the chair, and I said I had to get you out of there. They stumbled and tried to catch her, but the flames were already raging.” .”

At that point, Dave knew it was too late. He lost his wife of 52 years.

“I was sitting on the curb with my head in my hands and a fire engine came and an ambulance came,” Dave said.

Dave’s eldest daughter, Jessi Lindgren, says her father spent 32 days in HCMC’s burn ward suffering from severe burns and smoke inhalation.

“He was in the trauma room when we got to the hospital. “He was unconscious at that point.”

While Dave was recovering, his family was dealing with immense grief while navigating the process of rebuilding the family home.

“They lived there for 46 years. I was six when they moved in,” Jessi said. “All my childhood memories are there and my mom always said, ‘I’m going to die in this house… they’re going to bury me in there.’ And that’s the truth.” was. “

Reconstruction was not easy. Jessi said her parents are very underinsured.

“Of course he wanted to rebuild there, but we couldn’t get enough money from the insurance,” Jesse said. We gave the amount and the amount of personal property, but it didn’t take into account what the current housing market is like.”

Kathleen Pawless, insurance agent for American Family Insurance, said most policies reviewed this year have gone up 10% to 20%.

“Especially this year, it’s very important that people talk to agents,” Poehles said. “You are in for a big loss and financial hit. Talk to your insurance company every year. Take advantage of the reviews they provide. Ask questions.”

Jessi wants her to review her policy if she knows that her family hasn’t reviewed it recently.

“Make sure it’s worth replacing your home and check your insurance often,” Jesse said. “Don’t leave me alone.”

Dave was unable to rebuild the house, but there are bright spots for the Berberick family.

non-profit organization healing firefighterhelp burn the survivors and their families. furniture and thingsdonated furniture for Dave’s new home in Maple Grove.

here is a link to Berberic Family GoFundMe.

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