Triton Benefits & HR Solutions provides affordable group health insurance to businesses struggling to meet participation requirements.

woodbridge, new jersey, November 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Triton Benefits & HR Solutions, a national employee benefits broker and HR consulting firm, helps small businesses meet their employee retention goals. Employer-sponsored group health plans are the most popular benefits for employees. Unfortunately, due to high participation requirements, many organizations are unable to provide their most valuable asset, their employees, with a genuine primary care plan.

As the end of the year approaches, employee health insurance is at the forefront of HR departments. With the 2023 admissions season fast approaching, many small businesses face complex challenges.

A recent study by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that businesses with fewer than 50 employees are less likely to offer their employees an employer-sponsored group health plan. As a result of unrealistic entry requirements, many small businesses struggle to find affordable, quality medical insurance for their employees.

Triton Benefits & HR Solutions offers affordable group health coverage that has traditionally been nearly impossible to underwrite when low employee participation is a challenge.

“If you are looking for a group health plan and only 5 out of 50 employees want to participate, insurance companies are usually reluctant to write a policy for you. We offer a “golden ticket” with an insurance solution to businesses in difficult situations. That’s when only a small percentage of employees are going to choose the company’s benefits plan,” he says, Triton’s CEO. Steve Rosenthal.

Managed by Triton $500 million of group health insurance Works with premiums and all major carriers nationwide. Our long-standing relationships with leading health insurers and our ability to leverage our deep industry knowledge to create unique and customized healthcare options set us apart from other employee benefits brokers. Additionally, they offer a concierge style service. In short, they are very hands-on with every client relationship and offer a personalized touch that is hard to find elsewhere.

If your company is facing the problem of low employee participation and needs quality and affordable group health insurance, visit the Triton Benefits & HR Solutions website or call 1-800- Please feel free to contact us by calling OK-TRITON.

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