Tonik further strengthens its credit inclusion leadership in the Philippines by announcing a new, innovative, all-digital loan.

manila philippines, November 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Mr. Tonic Philippines’ The first neobank continues to accelerate its financial and credit inclusion with the launch of two new lending products. flex loan When big loan.

Building on the success of a fully digital savings portfolio and the successful launch of its first lending product, Quick Loan, the new product will make Tonik a national leader in providing loans for all needs. We are trying to position ourselves as one of the leading digital lenders.

Fast, convenient, coupled with low fixed interest rates, flex loan We offer our customers both the freedom and flexibility to pursue the purchase of their dreams and the perfect experience to start the new year. Flex Loan, Tonik’s Best Price Unsecured Loan Ever We offer a monthly interest rate of 2.49% for up to 24 months. 250,000 pesosEmployed clients only need to provide up-to-date bank statements and proof of income, so no collateral is required.

home equity type loans, big loan offers a one-time multi-purpose installment loan that allows borrowers to use the equity value of their home.The property is pledged to the bank as collateral and can be up to 2,500,000 pesos.

relatively new Philippinesthis type of lending product continues to be popular in more advanced markets such as: usaIt is primarily used for home repairs, investing in family businesses, and debt consolidation with low interest rate products.

W.Big Loan, the first fully digital collateral product on the market, allows customers to simply come to Tonik Hub once and officially sign loan and mortgage documents. Offering the fastest approval times on the market, fully digital within minutes of application and loan payouts within 7 business days of document submission, with loan proceeds paid to the customer’s Tonik savings account. increase. There is no real estate appraisal fee, and no appraisal by a third party is required.

“By leveraging our purely digital platform and the most competitive market interest rates, Flex Loans and Big Loans are an accessible, secure and much-needed loan to a huge underserved market. We will provide the credit that is Philippinessaid the founder and CEO of Tonik. Greg Krasnov“We are pleased to accelerate our efforts to accelerate credit inclusion in this country with these new loans.”

flex loan When big loan Now available in the latest version of the Tonik app. apple app store When Google Play store.

Read more about this story and other updates from Tonik at: https://tonikbank.Com.

About Tonic

Tonik is the first digital-only neobank. Philippines, provides loans, deposits and payment products to consumers on a highly secure digital banking platform. neobank operates under the first digital bank license issued by Bangkok Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). Tonik is led by a team of retail finance veterans who have built and scaled multiple retail banks and fintechs in emerging markets around the world. Sequoia India, Point72 Ventures, and Mizuho BankTonik’s technology stack is partnered and integrated with world-class banking technology vendors such as Mastercard, Finastra, Amazon Web Services, Google, Genesys and Daon. Tonik is Singapore (main office), Manilaand Chennai.

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