Tired of insurance gimmicks and goofy characters?

Insurance has a lot of funny, funky and great spokespersons. and spoke pet. Geico Gecko. Liberty Mutual Emu. A whimsical progressive ready flow. And the list goes on. So who can you trust? Who has the best insurance prices and services? The answer is none of them are the best! We quote auto insurance for a living so yes it is a tedious job . Auto insurance has many factors such as home zip code, age, number of years of license, type of car, crash tests, ticket and how the car holds up in an accident, and even mileage affects the price. . In addition, there are discounts such as good student, good driver, multi-policy, multi-car and professional discounts.

Even if a company raises good car insurance rates for you, they may have horrible customer service that pulls your hair out, and the hairs of people around you! It may be long or not well explained or suggested on how to improve protection. The point is. For many people, service is as important as price. I hope Amazon one day sells auto insurance because it’s good at everything, but Bezos is currently too busy conquering space. Hopefully, when he finishes his work there, he will open an insurance company on this planet. Until then, I am happy to take on his insurance role by offering auto insurance from multiple insurance companies that include great prices and excellent service! Well, you could say it’s just a metaphor. understood. Please stop saying win-win.

So how does a good looking, nice driver like you get car insurance? It’s your lucky day. we are your solution. Doctor insurance agency! We are an independent insurance agency here in Northridge, just a 3 minute drive (or 8 minute scooter ride). Doctor is the surname of our small family owned and operated office. I mean traveling the world as founders Ren and Mercy Doctor fade away to enjoy their elders sitting on the couch. I mean, well, I was lucky enough to run the office and push things to the next level of superiority.

No funny-speaking animals or quirky spokespersons, we take a no-nonsense approach to insurance, and all but landlords who charge hefty rent for small, poor spaces. We strive to treat people like family and friends. We always offer free quotes and even free policy reviews for what you currently have. Want to hear the best part? We believe the 15 minute estimate is about 10 minutes too long. Your time is precious and we will not waste it!

It seems that fate brought us together because everyone needs insurance and wants to save money on premiums and have a more responsive agent.Auto insurance, home insurance, renters insurance, You can write motorcycle insurance, earthquake insurance, and even commercial insurance. Mercury Insurance also tends to set some lowest prices, but represents multiple companies. Plus, we are great. and versatile. We can work by phone, email, and text, but if you like that personal touch, we’re right around the corner from CSUN.

Phone 818.368.3764 / Text 818.351.9247 / Email info@doctorins.com / Online Doctorins.com/csun


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