TikToker has raised nearly $170,000 to help older Walmart employees pay off their mortgages and retire.

Footage from a TikTok video of Devan Bonagura donating $110,000 to Walmart employees.Tick ​​tock; @dbon973_

  • TikToker raised nearly $170,000 on GoFundMe to help retire an aging Walmart employee.

  • Workers initially told him he needed to keep working to pay his mortgage.

  • TikToker told viewers that he was suspended from his job for making the video.

A 15-second TikTok video raised nearly $170,000 for Walmart employees to retire.

TikToker Dbon973_ — real name Devan Bonagura — recently posted November 3 Tik Tok She sat alone in the Walmart break room. “Life shouldn’t be this hard,” he wrote in the text above the video. Over 24.1 million views in the app.

In response to encouragement from commenters, Bonagra launched GoFundMe on the same day for workers. In 24 hours, we raised over $100,000.

he also posted a video of himself November 5 I met with Nora and immediately transferred the account to her.

“They knew you were a very hard worker. Obviously,” he said to the woman. “We are all very proud of you and have raised 110,000 for you.” I wanted to offer you a dollar.”

“I accept that, but I still have to work until the remaining $60,000 is paid out of the house,” she told him. She noted that her mortgage was “significantly reduced” and that it wouldn’t be long “right now” to save the remaining amount, and she agreed that the amount would help.

walmart The average wage for an hourly worker is $19, and saving $60,000 would require Nora to work for a few more years. If she worked her 40 hours a week, her yearly income would be $39,520 before taking into account her taxes and daily expenses such as food and transportation.

At the time of writing, go fund me With $168,800, close to the sum Nora estimated she would need to retire, she said, “I plan to do it as soon as I get it. That’s what keeps me at work-home.”

retirement is Not commonplace for millions of US workers. according to September 2021 Study abroad at Boston University36% of older Americans I haven’t saved enough money to take care of myself for a yearA healthy, single senior with a mortgage in New Jersey, where Bonagra lives. looks aliveAccording to the University of Massachusetts Boston, it takes an average of $43,788 a year to pay for retirement. elder index.

According to Bonagra, Walmart told him they were receiving threats because of his videos.

“They got a lot of backlash, so they took down the video, took down the GoFundMe, and told me they were going to get the police involved if they didn’t give all the money back to the person who donated,” he said. Told. Said in a video on November 4th. “So I told them to do what you have to do.

and Another November 5th videoBonagra told viewers that his employer had suspended him on payHe did not immediately respond to an insider’s request for comment.

Walmart did not immediately respond to an insider’s request for comment.

Bonagura posted additional charitable content. tip the waitress $500 for a glass of water — After Nola’s video, thanks to his 132,000 followers, TikToker’s philanthropy is relatively small compared to major online creators.Mr Beast (who Bonagra tagged in other videos) has amassed 110 million followers for filming game-show-like monetary giveaways and charities that donated millions of dollars.

Critics, however, argue that filming people experiencing poverty and benefiting from “acts of kindness” can dehumanize the subject by focusing solely on perceived pain. says that there is Helps raise funds in the short termoversimplify the root causes of the social ills they describe.

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