Supreme Court Dismisses Attempt to Block Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan — For Now

A U.S. Supreme Court judge has dismissed another request to block Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan. While this may be good news for borrowers, the program remains stalled due to another court order related to another legal challenge.

This is the latest.

Supreme Court Judge Refuses to Block Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan

Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett Friday refused to accept Legal challenges to President Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan.His plan allows up to 40 million borrowers to receive Student loan forgiveness over $10,000 Your income has been below certain limits in any of the last two years. Only government-administered federal student loans are eligible.

The lawsuit is an appeal of an Indiana lower court ruling. Conservative law groups argued that Biden’s student loan forgiveness program hurt Indiana taxpayers. The federal district court dismissed the plaintiffs’ claims, dismissed the lawsuit, and concluded that the plaintiffs were without effect. They eventually appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court, which Judge Barrett dismissed.

Barrett had dismissed a similar appeal It was brought in by another challenger from Wisconsin last month.

Federal Court of Appeals Order Temporarily Suspends Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Program

Although the impact of today’s Supreme Court cases is slowing, Block In Progress Against Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan Enacted by the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals.

In that case, the Republican-led coalition of states filed a lawsuit, claiming that the implementation of Biden’s loan forgiveness plan would adversely affect state revenues. The state appealed to the Eighth Circuit Court. In response, the Eighth Circuit imposed a temporary administrative stay pending consideration of whether to impose a more permanent interim injunction. That temporary stay is in effect until the Supreme Court decides, even if the Supreme Court decides on another matter.

there is Speculation The Eighth Circuit may be waiting until after the midterm elections to make a ruling. The losing party may ultimately appeal the decision to the Supreme Court.

Department of Education still accepting student loan forgiveness applications

Despite legal controversy, the Department of Education is still accepting applications for Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan. million borrowers have already applied Already approved for loan forgivenessHowever, the Department of Education cannot enforce loan forgiveness while the Eighth Circuit’s temporary stay is in effect.

“That bailout is pending…because Republican elected officials are doing everything they can to deny it, even to their own voters,” Biden said Thursday. rice field.

Biden has previously predicted that the administration would eventually win the lawsuit.

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