Sharestates Expands Loan Capacity for Multifamily, Multiuse and Commercial Developments with Up to $75 Million in Loan Size

Great Neck, New York, November 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Sharestates, a leading real estate financial technology (fintech) platform designed to accelerate community redevelopment and recovery, has invested in up to $75,000,000 For multifamily, mixed use and commercial development. Sharestates has filled the void left by many traditional lenders to provide capital to small and medium-sized developers. As the company’s customer portfolio grew, it needed to increase its credit lines to continue serving its customers.

Co-Founder and CEO, Allen Shayanfekur“When my partners and I founded Sharestates, many of the borrowers we began funding single-family home renovation and reversal projects are now in larger multifamily, mixed-use, and commercial developments. With our support, these developers have brought several clients from their very first project to hundreds of completed projects. By increasing, we can continue to offer the same white-glove service to the larger projects in our client portfolios, expanding our loan product to new developers who need larger loan limits.”

About Sharestate

Sharestates is one of the fastest growing national private financial institutions focused on owner-occupied residential and commercial real estate. The company creates customized lending solutions for real estate investors and developers. Sharestates Successfully Raises Funding $3.4 billion With projects nationwide, we have the broadest loan program available on the market at competitive prices.

Since its founding in 2013, Sharestates has been an important source of private capital for real estate investors nationwide seeking short-term bridge financing for rehabilitation projects and long-term DSCR loans for rental properties.

Sharestates $75,000 To $75,000,000 housing (SFR1-4), multi-family, mixed-use, and commercial establishments; Its loan programs include residential bridge, fix and flip, new construction, portfolio and rental loans. As a developer partner, Sharestates manages the servicing of loans initiated through successful repayment to ensure that developer needs are met throughout the lifecycle of the loan.

Sharestates’ technology platform enables the company to more efficiently source and qualify investment opportunities in real estate projects across the country and create investment products that are resold to institutional investors and authorized retail investors. Sharestates’ end-to-end approach to technology and vertical integration allows the company to capture higher margins and leverage its expertise.

Sharestates was founded by real estate veterans and attributes its success to a strong leadership team, easy-to-use platform, intelligent underwriting practices, and relationship-focused lending strategy. Sharestates partners with direct borrowers and brokers.

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