Second man pleads with three-county, million-dollar insurance plan


YOUNGSTOWN — Bassett Lane’s Theodore E. Wynn, 30, is one of seven people charged with plotting to burn down million-dollar buildings in three counties to collect insurance money. He pleaded guilty Tuesday to a reduced misdemeanor petty theft charge in Mahoning County. It is a general petition court, with a judgment later.

Wynn appeared before Judge John Durkin. The case will be prosecuted by Ohio Assistant Attorney General Dan Casalis.

Wynn was charged with two counts of felony theft and conspiracy to commit insurance fraud. All felonies.

Kasaris said the theft charges related to a tractor that co-defendant Patricia Floyd, 70, of Atkinson Road, reported stolen but was not stolen.

Petty theft is a first-degree misdemeanor, punishable by up to six months in prison at Mahoning County Jail, Casalis said. Wynn shall have no liability whatsoever. Casaris said he received no money.

Wynn “must truthfully testify against an accomplice or person charged with a crime related to the accusation or a related offense,” Casaris told the judge. Must.

In September, Juan Rodriguez, 33, of Potomac Avenue in Youngstown, pleaded guilty to forgery and insurance fraud charges. If convicted later, he could face up to several years in prison.

Wynn, Rodriguez and five others were charged in July 2021. The crimes he alleged occurred in Mahoning, Trumbull, and Ashtabula counties between 2011 and 2017 and were investigated by authorities in those counties and the Ohio Fire Department, USA. Postal Inspection Service, Secret Service, Social Security Inspector General.

In addition to Rodriguez, the defendant is Youngstown’s Patricia Floyd, 69. Girard’s Christopher Gibbony, 29. Kyrene Rodriguez, also known as Kyrene Moirai, of Youngstown is Rinard Floyd, 36 years old. Heather Marie Keller, formerly known as James Keller, Niles, 48. Youngstown’s Jessica Gonzalez, 51.

The alleged crimes include burning several buildings owned by the defendants. Fraud against insurance companies such as Allstate, Farmers Insurance, and Nationwide Insurance. Counterfeit bills that convert $1 bills into $20, $50, and $100 bills. Hide mineral rights windfalls from the Social Security Administration so you can collect profits of over $30,000. burglary of a home with intent to destroy evidence relating to an alleged crime;

Mahoning County Prosecutor Paul Gaines said lives are in danger every time a building is set on fire.

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