SBI General offers group health insurance for people with Down syndrome

SBI General Insurance, one of India’s leading non-life insurers, has issued a group health insurance policy for individuals with Down syndrome to an NGO.

SBI General has issued a group health policy to the Nutan Gugule Foundation for individuals with Down syndrome to provide safety for common medical illnesses requiring hospitalization. To do. ¥30,000 rupees ¥An insurance benefit of Rs. 50,000 will be paid for any hospitalization that may occur during the period of insurance.

SBI General said it has contributed to areas that support the living and nutritional aspects of such disabled segments through various means, including CSR projects.

Anand Pejawar, Deputy Managing Director of SBI General Insurance said: Provided group health insurance covering individuals with special abilities (those with Down syndrome). This policy has been issued to the Nutan Gurgul Foundation, the leading NGO active in the region.

As a responsible company, we are pleased to contribute by offering this group health insurance aimed at financially assisting individuals during medical emergencies. The intention is to try to extend coverage to other disabilities in the near future. “

SBI General Insurance is also supporting the building “Swanand Seva Sadan” under construction by the Nutan Gulgule Foundation, one of the 20-bed boarding houses for these disabled residents, under the company’s CSR plan. Currently under construction in Arnala, Virar. This fiscal year.

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