SageSure Announces Private Flood Insurance in Texas

SageSure announces the introduction of its own approved residential flooding program, first available in Texas. SageSure distributes flood insurance through its network of contracted growers while also handling all services and claims. The company said it will expand the program to other states next year.

SageSure, an MGA, specializes in the catastrophe-hit real estate market and is present in 14 states.

SageSure’s Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, Paul VanderMarck, said: “Hurricane Ian is the latest reminder of the importance of flood insurance, not only in the areas perceived to be most at risk, but also at the risk that floods can still cause devastating damage. It’s also important for homeowners in lower-income areas.”

SageSure said it provides comprehensive and complete coverage so that homeowners can fully protect their homes and personal property in the same way they do for other hazards under their home insurance policy. I was. Policyholders can also choose from less expensive partial coverage options. A risk-based pricing model for all coverage levels provides homeowners with a more affordable alternative to securing full limit flood insurance compared to the cost of limited NFIP coverage.

The Jersey City, N.J.-based company said the flood program is available through carrier partner SURE, as a convenient add-on to SURE home insurance. SageSure has partnered with “the world’s leading reinsurers” to develop a new program.

About the photo: TKTK after Hurricane Harvey hit Lockport, Texas, USA on Saturday, August 26, 2017. Photographer: Alex Scott/Bloomberg

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