Rocket Mortgage Introduces New Loyalty Program to Help Consumers Save Money

Rocket Companies Inc. Announced the launch of a new loyalty program. rocket rewardThe program will allow consumers to earn points that can be redeemed for various financial transactions across the Rocket platform. With the launch of Phase 1 of the program, homebuyers will be able to use reward points to save on closing costs when financing their home purchase through Rocket His Mortgage, the company said.

Clients at any stage of their home-buying journey can be rewarded even if they’ve been searching for a home for months. For example, anyone who creates a free Rocket account and visits the rewards page, or who has an existing account and completes their first rewards activity, will now receive a 7,500 point welcome bonus (worth $75) . cost.

Clients can receive additional reward points for reading educational articles, watching informative videos available in the Rocket Mortgage Learning Center, and using our mortgage calculator. Rocket Companies plans to expand the Rocket Rewards program in the coming months to offer new ways to earn points and additional redemption opportunities.

“The first phase of Rocket Rewards will help consumers gain knowledge and understanding of the home buying process, as well as points that will help them save money when they are ready to buy a home, and ultimately save money. For Rocket Central: “The most exciting thing for me is just scratching the surface of what is possible with a strong rewards program within the Rocket ecosystem. A premium Rocket Money subscription, and even a solar panel installation.”

This is the company’s latest client-focused program, offering Americans the opportunity to achieve their financial goals while continuing to drive Rocket Companies’ values ​​and brand loyalty.The organization recently announced inflation busterA program that reduces a homebuyer’s mortgage payments during the first year of the mortgage, offering some flexibility in the costs associated with owning a home. This cost is rising due to inflation.

Rocket Companies Vice Chairman and CEO Jay Farner said: “At the moment, not all clients are ready to work with us, but banking a reward that can build over time will give us a competitive edge over other lenders in our field. We provide unrivaled added value.”

Rocket Rewards further fulfills Rocket Companies’ mission to simplify life’s most complex moments and empower Americans to achieve their dreams. Loyalty programs help consumers get ready to buy a home, quickly helping those looking to power their homes with solar panels or achieve financial flexibility with personal loans. To do. Anyone who opts into the program will be able to manage their rewards, check their point balance, find activities to complete to earn rewards, and see their complete history of rewards all in one place, the company said. increase.

Merkle’s 2022 Loyalty Barometer Report showed that 79% of consumers are more likely to transact with an entity because of its loyalty program. Rocket’s results were even more impressive. A study sponsored by the company found that 88% of clients said they value Rocket-related rewards programs in ways that foster long-term relationships with brands.

Rocket Rewards is poised to help strengthen Rocket Mortgage’s already strong brand loyalty, which boasts a 93% net customer retention rate in the 12 months ending June 30, 2022.

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