Revealed – US regions with the most expensive home insurance

Here’s a complete list of the top 10 most expensive states to insure a $200,000 home on Clearsurance and their average premiums.

  1. Kansas – $2,615
  2. Oklahoma – $2,321
  3. Nebraska – $2,198
  4. Colorado – $2,157
  5. Texas – $1,892
  6. Tennessee – $1,880
  7. Arkansas – $1,823
  8. Montana – $1,766
  9. Missouri – $1,755
  10. Louisiana – $1,736

By comparison, the top three cheapest US states to insure a $200,000 home are Hawaii ($327), Vermont ($428), and New Hampshire ($607). It was noted that the Kansas homeowner pays seven times more home insurance than her Hawaii homeowner.

According to Clearsurance, Midwestern states pay the highest home insurance premiums in America due to several factors. One such factor is the area’s exposure to tornadoes. Standard home insurance covers tornado damage, but the higher the risk, the higher the home insurance rate.

Severe weather events and the risk of catastrophes are also contributing to higher rates in other parts of the country, the report notes. On the southeastern coast, flood damage from hurricanes and tropical storms is contributing to higher insurance claims, resulting in higher insurance claims. On the west coast, the threat of earthquakes keeps rates high in certain areas. Unfortunately, standard homeowners insurance typically doesn’t cover flood or earthquake damage.

In terms of individual insurers and insurers offering the best rates, Clearsurance found that Nationwide offered the highest average rates nationwide for $200,000 homes, while State Farm had the lowest for $400,000 homes. I have found that the price is

“Home insurance rates are very competitive among providers. An individual’s risk profile, including where they live, has a large impact on pricing. It’s the best way to find an insurer with a reasonable premium,” said Clearsurance. Insurance expert Melanie Masson.

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