Restaurant owner disqualified for abusing bounceback loan

Bounce Back Loans were government-backed loans designed to help businesses through the Covid pandemic. Under the scheme’s rules, businesses could borrow up to 25% of his 2019 turnover, up to him £50,000.

Malcolm Forbes, Avin Habash and Kamil Ozkan were directors of three separate companies that applied for bounce back loans. But each let the company abuse the covid support scheme. This became clear only after the company went into liquidation.

Portsmouth native Malcolm Forbes was sole director of Nija Bite Limited, which operated as a takeaway and mobile food stand called Iroko Lounge on Onslow Road, Southampton.

An investigation revealed that Malcolm Forbes had received a bounce back loan of up to £50,000 after submitting an application declaring a turnover of £225,000. However, Malcolm Forbes greatly exaggerated the company’s turnover, which was close to his £24,000, so Nijabite his Limited would have given him only a loan of £6,000.

Liverpool’s Avin Habash was the sole director of Hot Spot Liverpool Limited. This company was trading as a Hot Spot.

Avin Habash had the company apply for a bounce back loan, claiming sales of £200,000 and securing £50,000. However, investigators found that Hotspot Liverpool Limited’s actual turnover was closer to his £100,000.

Also from West Laington, Houghton-le-Spring, Kamil Ozcan was the sole director of Papa Peterlee Limited, trading as Martinos Italian Kitchen on York Road, Peterlee.

Investigators have discovered that Papa Peterlee Limited has successfully received a £50,000 bounce back loan. But instead of using the loan for the company’s financial gain, Kamil Ozkan had the company transfer up to £37,500 to his personal account.

The three restaurateurs are currently prohibited from being directly or indirectly involved in promoting, forming or running the company without court authorization.

Bankruptcy Bureau Chief Investigator Mike Smith said:

Covid-19 aid schemes have provided a lifeline to businesses, protected jobs and kept businesses alive. But Malcolm Forbes, Avin Habash, and Kamil Ozcan have abused that support badly when they personally benefited from the loan or exaggerated their turnover to secure more money than they were entitled to. Did.

The three restaurateurs have now been removed from the corporate arena, protecting creditors from further harm. It clearly shows that we will act without hesitation.

Note to editors

Malcolm Forbes

Malcolm Forbes is from Portsmouth and was born in July 1963.

Papa Peter Lee Limited (company number: 11187602)

Malcolm Forbes received a 10-year disqualification by the Secretary of State on August 25, 2022.

Abin Habash

Avin Habash is from Liverpool and was born in January 1992.

Hot Spot Liverpool Limited (company number = 11617917)

Kamil Ozkan accepted a 10-year disqualification commitment by the Secretary of State on September 16, 2022.

Kamil Ozcan

Kamil Ozkan hails from West Rainton, Houghton-le-Spring and was born in September 1986.

Nijabyte Co., Ltd. (company number: 11959896)

Kamil Ozkan was accepted by the Secretary of State on Sept. 6, 2022 on a six-year disqualification commitment.


A disqualification bond is an administrative procedure equivalent to a disqualification order, but does not require a judicial proceeding. The person subject to the disqualification order shall be: Limit range.

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