Question 2 may mean changing your dental insurance

A poll question initiated by an orthodontist in Somerville found that the estimated 25% of Massachusetts residents who do not have dental insurance would have better dental health or would have higher insurance premiums and that employers would or urge them to withdraw their compensation.

Question 2 of the November 8 ballot called for “requiring companies to spend at least 83% of premiums on member dental costs and quality improvement instead of administrative costs, and making other changes to dental insurance regulations.” In addition, it regulates dental insurance rates.” In addition, insurers must disclose where these premiums are spent.

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1 in 4 insured people do not have dental insurance

State law requires Massachusetts residents to have health insurance.of Massachusetts Health Insurance Survey It turns out that the uninsured rate in 2021 is 2.4%, which is higher than the national rate of 9.2%. Health insurers must allocate 88% of premiums to coverage. The measures proposed to amend dental insurance were designed as an effort to mirror patient health insurance across the Commonwealth.

In contrast, a 2017 study estimated that one in four state residents with health insurance had no insurance for dental health. in Massachusetts, 16.6% of the total population reported an unmet need for dental care due to costs in 2019.

“Dental insurance is cheaper on a monthly basis, but the number and types of claims that occur in a typical year do not require staff work like healthcare. Showmat Strategy Groupwhich is working to support question 2.

“Health care is obviously much more complicated when it comes to actually trying to find a problem and different treatments. It’s pricing.”

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