President’s student loan forgiveness is on hold

WASHINGTON (Gray D.C.) – Millions of people have lost their lives as the president’s student loan forgiveness program remains on hold after six Republican-led state attorneys general challenged the court to stop the program. The borrower is dangling.

“Unfortunately, there are several Republican leaders trying to sue us to prevent this from happening,” US Secretary of State Miguel Cardona said during a meeting with a Washington News Bureau reporter. Jamie Bitner on thursday. He added: But for these Republicans, there is a pause in our ability to provide debt relief right now. Make sure. ”

Initially, lower courts sided with the president and allowed the student loan forgiveness program to go ahead. However, an appeal was filed and a suspension was issued as it was considered.

legal challenge Submissions for the program were submitted by Republican Attorneys General from Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and South Carolina.

6 State Legal Complaint Details here

When asked what his message was to the millions awaiting relief, Cardona said: And who is stopping or trying to stop us from helping you. . We have met with attorneys, attorneys from the White House Department of Justice, to try to clarify our position. I am confident that we are capable of doing what we are doing, just like we are. ”

The Biden administration passed in 2003, heroes act (Higher Education Relief Opportunities for Students Act). This law was passed after the attacks on September 11, 2001 to help veterans affected by 9/11 and those affected by the national emergency.

When the legal challenge was first filed, a Washington News Bureau reporter Jamie Bitner Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge asked why he thinks the HEROES Act should not apply in this case.

“Frankly, it’s a disgrace for President Biden to use the Heroes Act,” Rutledge said. Just a few weeks ago, President Biden announced that the pandemic was over, presumably because President Biden passed the HEROES Act to support the brave men and women in the military. I forgot to mention that the pandemic was over when the HEROES method was used instead of using the .

She also believes the program is unfair.

“All Americans are hurt by President Biden’s plan to cancel this student loan,” Rutledge said. “Now we are putting the debt of the adults who chose to go to college and take out these loans on the backs of hard-working electricians, plumbers, teachers and nurses.”

The U.S. Department of Education will continue to accept applications for the President’s Student Loan Forgiveness Program during your stay in court. However, no relief can be granted until the case is settled.

The secretary of education said they were ready to send relief if the court lifted the suspension.

“We are ready,” said Cardona. “We need to lift this stay to be able to do this. We have been able to deliver on what the President has promised.”

The department has processed 16 million of the 26 million applications it has received to date.

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