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Piper speaks with 2022 ASPCA McRae Final judges Robin Lost Brown and Michael Tokark.Provided by Taylor and Harris Insurance Services. please listen!

Guest and Link Episode 307:

  • host: Piper Klemm, Publisher plaid horse
  • The guests: robin lost brown Raised in the equine industry, he became a top hunter/jumper rider and trainer. As a top junior rider, Robin won the 1974 AHSA Medal Final and twice finished 2nd and 4th at the ASPCA McRae Final. Robin has coached several medal and McRae final winners and has coached successful jumpers from juniors to amateurs to grand prix he owners. Robin is a member of the National Board of Hunters, a large he is an R Judge and most recently he judged the 2022 ASPCA McRae Finals in Lexington, Kentucky.
  • The guests: Michael Tokalk He is a top rider, trainer and judge, and also has a training and sales business at the Tokarukshaw stables in Tennessee. As a junior rider, Michael has worked with top pros such as Scott Stewart, Missy Clarke, Bob Braswell and Ann Krusinski. Michael has won multiple Grand Prix, won international and domestic hunter derbies and continues his professional education working with professionals such as Chris Kappler, Andre Dignelli, Katie Monahan-Prudent and Melanie Smith Taylor. Michael has served as a judge on several high profile horse shows including the 2021 USET Talent Search Finals East and most recently the He 2022 ASPCA Maclay Finals in Lexington, Kentucky.
  • Title Sponsor: Taylor, Harris Insurance Services, Taylor, Harris Insurance Services (THIS) was founded in 1987 to provide specialized insurance for all types of equine risks. THIS places its policies with the highest rated and most secure carriers, meticulously selected for reliability and speedy claim resolution. THIS prides itself on a worldwide reputation for prompt and courteous service and welcomes the opportunity to discuss and provide a quote for your horse’s insurance needs.
  • Photo: Bobby Murphy (Course Designer), Robin Lost Brown (Judge), Michael Tokark (Judge)
  • apply: plaid horse magazine
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