Pawnshops trade used coffins for cash loans amid economic downturn

A used coffin was reportedly exchanged at a pawn shop for a cash loan. Aurora, Colorado, Because the US economy continues to decline.

Scott Pasternack, who runs Pasternack’s Pawnshop in Aurora, said the used coffins were traded in over the past year and other common personal items were recently pawned. Local Fox affiliate KDVR.

The coffin reportedly sells for $499 now.

Pasternak said, “We ran out of loans at a time when the economy had gotten really bad and people needed more money.”

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Aurora men, who spoke to KDVR on condition of anonymity, said they pawn their belongings more often. current economic problems.

“As times got tougher and inflation increased, I started coming here once a month to sell things,” he said.

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Colorado pawn shops have seen more white-collar customers come in to pawn their belongings, according to the outlet.

Roxi Kessler, one of the pawnshop’s customers, told KDVR, used vacuum cleaner.

“Gasoline is so expensive that we can’t afford anything because the price of everything goes up,” she said. “Food, insurance, everything. Prices are so high. We can’t afford to buy anything new.”

According to financial institutions, at least 30 million American unbanked or unbanked households visit pawn shops each year. National Pawnbroker Association.

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The National Pawnbrokers Association told KDVR that the average amount people borrow is about $150, and 85% pay back that money with interest, usually getting their property back.

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