Over $300 Million Available Under Georgia Mortgage Assistance Program

This program will help homeowners who are behind on their mortgage payments due to hardships during the pandemic.

ATLANTA — Millions of dollars in helping Georgia homeowners late on mortgage payments during the pandemic, leaving more than $300 million unclaimed.

from the beginning of the year Georgia Mortgage Assistance Program provided $30 million to 1,600 families hit hard by the pandemic. The program he launched in January with $354 million.

Anthony Fulton is one of the homeowners assisted by this program. The pandemic has created a major headache for his work as an educational consultant. His mortgage company worked with him for over a year when he fell behind on bill payments.

“And all of a sudden I got a letter saying my house was for sale unless I offered about $40,000,” Fulton said.

The house he lived in for 20 years was set to go up for sale on the courthouse steps this summer.

“So I was struggling to get the money, and a friend said, ‘Anthony, there’s a program in Georgia that can help you.'”

of Georgia Mortgage Assistance Program Helped Fulton catch up on mortgage payments and saved the house from foreclosure.

“We know people need this funding and we want them to access it as soon as possible,” said Tonya Cureton Curry, deputy commissioner of housing for the Georgia Department of Community Affairs. .

To be eligible for assistance, homeowners must prove that difficulties caused by the pandemic led to problems with mortgage payments. Homeowners can get up to $50,000, depending on their circumstances and family income.

“It’s important to see when people apply. All documents ready to uploadsaid Curry. “It would be nice to have past mortgage statements and past bills related to the mortgage process.”

Curry added that once an application is assigned to a processor, it typically takes about two months.

Anthony Fulton’s lawsuit was rushed because he was facing foreclosure.

“We finished it within three weeks,” says Fulton. “I think it all stopped within four days.”

The dreaded possibility of losing the house you lived in for 20 years is now gone.

Click for answers to frequently asked questions about the program. here.

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