Our take: Insurance for the working poor isn’t cheap, but it’s a bargain for society

Noem was popular in her state and opposed the expansion, but voters opposed it. Tuesday’s vote means about 45,000 people are below her 113% of the federal poverty level. $18,000 For individuals, they will be able to access government-sponsored health insurance.

This will cost the state money here and in 38 other expansion states, but most of the costs will be borne by the federal government.

However, the average family does not have enough money in the bank to cover the minimum deductible for medical bills, and huge numbers of Americans are in medical debt, resulting in low People working in wage jobs cannot do it otherwise.

The key word here is work.

The Affordable Care Act brought about major changes in the American system. Canada and European countries.

Medicaid is also a flawed system, including poor reimbursement for many providers. Since this is a state and local program with matching funds required to pay for services, states must constantly work on adjustments to ensure that health care providers are willing to accept Medicaid patients.

However, despite the high cost of health care, working people who benefit from the expansion of Medicaid are contributing members of society and often lack treatment for chronic conditions and early detection through screening for serious illnesses. I can’t

Politics were front and center in the heated debate over the 2010 passage of the ACA.The law has been tweaked several times, and Republican lawmakers meeting In our view, we called for its abolition without providing a meaningful alternative, but it is now part of the larger healthcare system in this country.

Other parts of the ACA may still be controversial, but Medicaid’s expansion proves itself. Rural hospitals and clinics, as well as inner-city facilities, need Medicaid expansion.The political drawbacks of participating texas, Mississippi Other Deep South states refusing to expand Medicaid make it impossible for Edwards’ successor to try to pull the plug.

“The past few elections have proven that the ACA is going nowhere,” the Post edited in south dakota decision. We believe this is also true for the expansion of Medicaid. Louisiana After the 2023 new gubernatorial election.

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