‘No one wants Harris’: DeSantis says Biden nominated Vice President ‘as an insurance policy’ against 25th Amendment

Governor of Florida on his way to an anticipated election day victory. Ron DeSantis We’ve provided a preview of the presidential rivalry that could be up against him in 2024. Joe Biden.

During a campaign in Sarasota County on Sunday, DeSantis said it was Biden’s “insurance” policy against the impeachment of Vice President Kamala Harris.

“She’s the best insurance policy for him against 25th Amendment or impeachment,” DeSantis said. I did it to protect the

DeSantis draws 2024 aid from Republican Megadonor Ken Griffin

The Governor’s Swipe comes as a Republican mega-donor eye With DeSantis potentially running for president in 2024, Biden faces mounting skepticism about his plans.a Bad night for Democrats It could spur calls for Biden to step down on Tuesday.

Biden has announced his intention to endorse Harris for re-election. But the 79-year-old president faces growing skepticism about the prospects, as some Democrats suggest. A new generation of leadership.

Biden has clashed with Republicans, including DeSantis, in his attempts to claim that he is in the best position to lead the party, and has sometimes attempted to elevate the governor. “Trump incarnate,” and last week stumbled upon his challenger, Charlie Christ.

If Biden chooses not to run, Harris will remain the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination. low approval ratingAfter nearly two years in office, the vice president has benefited from national visibility and continues to maintain strong support from black voters.

DeSantis is poised to win re-election and hasn’t ruled out a bid for president next cycle, even if that means challenging Trump.

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According to some data, he is up 11.5 percentage points over Christo. real clear politics poll average.

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