Nicole in Tropical Storm: AAA offers safety and insurance tips to prepare for storms

ORLANDO, FL — With Tropical Storm Nicole approaching Florida and potentially reaching hurricane conditions before making landfall, AAA – Auto Club Group has released safety and insurance tips to help residents prepare for the storm. It offers.

“Nicole is not expected to be as severe as Hurricane Ian, but it’s important to take the storm seriously and be prepared,” said Jennifer Pintacuda, president of Florida-based insurance company AAA. . “Use the rest of your time to gather supplies, fortify your home, and keep track of your possessions.”

Being prepared ahead of time will make it easier to file a claim and expedite the repair process in the event of storm damage.


AAA provides the following insurance advice:

· Review your home insurance policy now. Contact your provider to make sure you have adequate coverage for the damage. If you don’t have flood insurance, it’s too late to get new insurance for this storm.

· Check your auto insurance policy to ensure “all inclusive” coverage. This is useful for vehicle damage such as flooding or falling trees.

・Keep important documents in a portable waterproof container. Documents may include insurance policy information, birth certificates, social security cards, and more.

・Take an inventory. Walk around your house with your video camera or smartphone and record your belongings. Keep records of bulk purchases, including item price, purchase date, model number, and serial number.

・Please prepare at home. Cut a tree near your house. Make sure you have materials for making sandbags and for attaching boards to the windows if necessary. Bring loose items such as patio furniture, bicycles, and children’s toys that can become dangerous flying debris in high winds.

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“The wind and rain from this storm create dangerous driving conditions on the road,” said Mark Jenkins, spokesman for AAA – The Auto Club Group. “AAA will provide roadside assistance until the situation worsens and it is no longer safe to do so. Therefore, drivers should heed the advice of local authorities and stay off the road and in a safe place. I recommend that you pass by.”

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Driver safety tips

・Increase inter-vehicle distance.

· Turn on your headlights (to see, to be seen).

· Turn off the hazard lights (unless the vehicle is disabled).

· Avoid using cruise control (it can cause hydroplaning on wet roads).

· Avoid flooded areas (you never know how deep or what’s under the surface).

・If visibility is poor, stop in a safe place and wait for the rain to stop.

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