Nebraska Department of Health Conducts Guidance Document Review

This month, the Nebraska Department of Insurance (NDOI) completed a process improvement project focused on the Guidance Document Library. Governor Pete Ricketts is encouraging government agencies to reduce their regulatory burden. NDOI has created a system to facilitate access to guidance documents.

Over the years, the NDOI has adopted 149 guidance documents that explain how the NDOI interprets current state insurance regulations.Guidance documents used by both external and internal clients covered a variety of insurance regulatory topics

“As any Nebraska knows, it’s important to clean out and organize your junk drawer from time to time. The Nebraska Department of Insurance has a long-standing tradition of responsible and fair regulation. Today, we continue our comprehensive review of all guidance documents in force in the state.” – Nebraska Insurance Commissioner Eric Dunning

To kick off the project, NDOI management reviewed 210 bulletins to identify documents that needed to be retained, rewritten, or withdrawn. Following the review, NDOI updated 36 documents and made them accessible to both industry and non-industry readers.

Source: NDOI

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