NBK Launches Digital Signatures for Personal Loans and Credit Card Applications

The National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) has provided its customers with state-of-the-art digital solutions, enabling them to digitally sign all required documents in the context of enabling them to enjoy the best banking services quickly and easily. We have started a new service to Various services such as obtaining loans/credit cards, increasing credit card limits, etc. This service is available through NBK Online Banking and his NBK Mobile Banking without the need to visit a branch. NBK has launched this service in Kuwait for both personal loans, credit cards or credit card limit increases.

The new service is a continuation of the fully digital branch-less account opening service the bank launched last year.

To take advantage of this service, customers must primarily register and activate their digital signature through a PACI self-service kiosk and perform the necessary steps in front of the kiosk (to register using the kiosk, Smart Citizen ID required). After downloading the Kuwait Mobile ID App, the customer must first tap “Settings”, “Cancel Mobile ID” and “Confirm” before registering. Self-service kiosks are available at some of his NBK branches, including NBK Headquarters, The Avenues (IKEA side), and the Surra branch.

Customers can now apply for loans and credit cards and digitally sign all the required documents in a few simple steps using PACI’s ‘Kuwait Mobile ID’ app.

Taking this opportunity, Mohammed Al-Othman, GM-Consumer Banking Group, National Bank of Kuwait, said: It meets their needs according to the latest international standards. “

“Given the exceptional circumstances we have experienced and the rapid technological progress, digital services have become essential. is,” he added.

Al-Othman continues: This new service is a continuation of a series of digital banking services that the company recently launched in Kuwait and aims to provide fast and easy banking while ensuring customer convenience and safety. “

“We want to maintain our digital excellence, which we see as an important part of our relentless efforts to strengthen NBK’s leadership. Advancing our transformation roadmap, leveraging our vast technological infrastructure built over the years to stay ahead of all our competitors, and transforming these efforts into advanced solutions for our company. We continue to meet customer expectations,” he concludes.

NBK has recently introduced new services and enhancements, such as allowing customers to apply for loans and credit cards, and increasing credit card limits with a simple step that provides easy access to NBK products. We are working hard to upgrade the NBK Mobile Banking App by doing. In addition, customers can open time deposits in different currencies in a more flexible way, create monthly standing orders, use the services of investment funds, and use his NBK Capital for a seamless investment experience. You can also send money to international brokerage accounts. Last but not least, it offers OTP autofill functionality.

NBK continues to provide cutting-edge digital banking services and payment solutions in line with its digital transformation strategy. Our digital transformation strategy focuses on meeting customer needs by developing digital channels to provide world-class banking services and payment solutions.


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