Mortgage Expert Jan McFarlane Celebrates 84th with Beloved Client and Elvis –

Jan McFarlane brought Elvis to her birthday party. (Photo: Mimi Perez of

People always told me that you should have goals in life. Since I met her in September of this year, it made me want to look like this when I grow up. Jan McFarlane.

When Jan celebrated her birthday in September, she threw a birthday party that must go down in the record books as one of the best. Jan called along with her many friends, many mixes her drinks and the one and only King of Rock and Roll himself on her 84 laps trip around the planet. Elvis.

If that’s not my goal in life, I don’t know what it is.

how to become a legend

Held at John David’s Diner Nova in Oak Cliff, the invitation read, “Wear your ’50s best and dress to impress.” Jan did just that, wearing his jacket and cowboy boots in cool black studded leather with fringes. The ultimate hostess, Yang greeted every guest with a hug, a drink his ticket, a choice of studded kitty he cat or Elvis glasses.

Like Elvis, Yang is a legend, but her specialty is only in the mortgage industry. Jan is known to be the go-to person for ‘forward’ and ‘reverse’ mortgages. Although she gave up her real estate license in 2005, Jan has always retained her mortgage license and loves working with agents to help clients secure financing .

Sing and dance with Elvis

That doesn’t mean Yang can’t keep up with Elvis, though. 30 minutes after the party started, the King appeared and gave a show.

From “All Shook Up” to “It’s Now or Never” to “Don’t Be Cruel,” Elvis didn’t disappoint. And it wasn’t just her guests who enjoyed her live show, everyone at her diner got to experience a little Elvis.

But that’s how Jan does it. Unselfish and always willing to have fun. More importantly, Jan is always happy to invite you to have fun with her.

So when people talk about having goals in life and how to reach them, it doesn’t hurt to take a chapter from Yang’s book. Yes, fame and fortune may be great, but what’s the point if you can’t share it with a good friend, a clever cocktail, or Elvis?

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