Mortgage Burning Highlights Bishop of Tours’ Visit to St. Martin

about 1,100 families Parish of St Martin of Tours, Valley City We had a lot to celebrate on November 6th.

It was Bishop Edward Malesich’s first pastoral visit to the diocese, and on the 20th anniversary of the present church’s consecration, they burned the mortgage after repaying the debts incurred to build the new church and parish facilities. , their patron feast day is November 11th. .

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“This is a beautiful area,” Bishop said, noting that, except for the hills, it reminded him of his native Pennsylvania. The St. He Martin campus consists of about 100 acres, including parish buildings and a cemetery.

The Reverend, Father Dan Reid, welcomed the Bishop and thanked him for coming to see the work of the people of his parish.

“Today’s celebration marks the loyalty of a small group of German Catholics from the Abbeville area who came to Strongsville seven years before the Diocese of Cleveland was founded in 1840 to see the returning Bishop John Purcell. “It would not have been possible without the spirit and fortitude of the Diocese of Cincinnati. Those strong souls demanded that a parish for Catholics be established in this area,” he said.

Over the years the parish grew and by the 1990s more space was needed, so it was decided to build a church that could accommodate 900 people. The new structure was completed in 2002 along with new parish offices, parish halls and meeting rooms. On November 3, 2002, the late Bishop Anthony Pila consecrated the building.

“Today’s milestone is a reminder of God’s love for all of us, because we know that all good things come from God,” said Bishop Malesic.

He told the congregation that their current church – the fifth church building – contains an altar, a special table for parish families. come down and kiss at this altar where Jesus comes to us, a unique table.”

The reading of the day focused on the core of the Church, the Eucharist, the source and culmination of our lives as disciples of Jesus, the bishop said. He noted that Jesus told the Samaritan woman that the time would come when people would worship in spirit and truth. “We are now living in that age. The Spirit of baptism gives us eyes to see Jesus living under the sign of the bread and wine. We believe in the truth of the Gospel that He preached, He is with us who eat the resurrected body and drink the resurrected blood, when Jesus shares with us, we have life and love We share our lives with Him as we enter into the intimate fellowship of and come to His altar of sacrificial love.

The bishop recalled a recent pilgrimage he had taken with a group of parishioners. They visited holy sites in Poland, Prague and Germany to see the famous Oberammergau Passion Play. The group also went to the former Auschwitz concentration camp. This is the site of the extermination of nearly one million Jews and thousands of Christians, including Catholics and Catholic priests.

“As we know, the Mass represents the offering of Jesus on the cross. It is where Jesus’ gift of love comes to us in the most effective way,” he said. , “Here Jesus wants to replace the emptiness of our hearts with the life of His being. I would like to accept the

The bishop invites believers to take Jesus wherever he is sent, “to the world whose darkness needs to be replaced by the light we find here in Spirit and Truth.”

He again congratulated the parish on a special anniversary for the church and parish campus. A light for all to come and see. “

Bishop Malesic also encouraged the young people of the parish to be open to God’s call wherever it leads them. He said, “There are many lanes on this highway. Marriage is the widest, but all lead to the goal of saints and heaven.” They said it was their job to help young people hear God’s call in their hearts.

After Mass, the congregation was treated outside where the reception was held in the parish hall after the ceremonial mortgage burning.

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