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Remember, when you see a commercial on TV, someone has to pay.

Huntington Station, New York, America, November 7, 2022 /EIN– Modern Medicare Agencies partner Michael M Insurance Services

As the demand for high-quality information increases, Paul Barrett When Mikale Mirigi has partnered to help more local baby boomers learn about the confusing topic of Medicare. With more than 11,000 people turning 65 every day in our country, Medicare health insurance has become big business That’s no surprise. Medicare marketing has become increasingly misleading over the past decade. In the past, it was mostly sneaky direct mail campaigns that received postcards that looked like official mail. The postcard asks you to fill in some simple information and return the card free of charge. This allows you to receive important information about Medicare in your area. What the card really used was to get an agent to call you and get permission to try to sell you health insurance. It brainwashes you into believing you are missing out on special perks that you don’t currently have. Many of these commercials were fined and forced to change their wording, but the fact that most people with perfect vision, let alone those over the age of 60, can’t read the fine print on TV let’s face the

this is the reason Mike Miligi When Paul Barrett We are teaming up to provide multiple opportunities per month to attend both in-person and online Medicare education seminars. Paul and Mike are strong believers in educating clients to make the right choices. Medicare coverage has improved over the years and is a great value compared to health insurance purchased privately or through a health exchange. The two Medicare owners take great pride in providing free education and helping people dissect all myths and misleading information. Paul and Mike cover all the basics of Medicare You do a great job of explaining, but I also love comparing plans and explaining how you should approach buying Medicare. works for Because we are independent, we can offer you the most available careers, so we can give you unbiased advice. They usually have his five meetings a month, with several small groups or his one consultation meeting in his Melville office. By combining and combining their knowledge and resources, they were able to greatly increase the amount of Medicare knowledge they shared.

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