Meta offers additional insurance for Quest 2, Quest Pro

Image: Meta

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Meta now offers optional accidental damage insurance for the Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro VR headsets.

US users can now have their Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro covered for accidental damage. Meta offers corresponding protections for their VR headsets via their website, giving you the option to extend the one-year warranty.

Warranty Plus covers drop damage

The premium is just under $55. Meta Quest 2 (Review) and $160 Meta Quest Pro (Information)The latter was announced by Meta at this year’s Connect and costs $1,499. At that cost, Meta may attract some customers with additional insurance.

To take advantage of insurance in the event of a claim, please purchase insurance within the first 60 days of purchasing your device. This insurance covers accidental damage such as accidental drops and liquid spills to your VR headset and accessories for up to two years after purchase.


Remanufactured models can also be insured. Purchasing from an authorized retailer is a prerequisite. Meta is now charging $55 for insurance on the refurbished Quest 2. This offer only applies to VR headsets purchased in the US.

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