Mercury Insurance advises holiday rental car drivers to know coverage and new car driver safety techniques

Los Angeles (PRWEB) November 9, 2022

The holiday season is predicted to be a busy time for rental cars as Americans continue to return to their normal travel schedules. But these newer cars (which can be a decade or so newer than the average car most consumers drive) have a lot of technology and technology not found in renters’ personal vehicles. Provides performance advancements. Due to these differences, the renter should spend time understanding the rental car and how their personal car insurance will cover them in the event of an accident.

“Your car insurance covers almost any car you rent,” he said. Kevin QuinnVice President of Automotive Billing Mercury insurance“If you have Collision, Comprehensive, and Liability insurance, you can rest assured that your coverage extends to your rental. You may wish to purchase additional protection insurance.Make sure you read it and understand it clearly.You are purchasing BEFORE you receive your keys.”

Before you rent a car, there are some important things you should know about modern vehicles.

  • New technology features: Today’s modern vehicles are equipped with a host of new technologies such as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), large touch screens and other assistive devices. These systems help drivers stay safe on the road, but there is a learning curve, especially when coming from an older car. “You need to research any vehicles you may be renting and new tech systems. There are some great online videos that show you how to operate the system as intended. Plan ahead before you drive the car because you don’t want to learn how to operate these systems while driving,” Quinn said.
  • Electric vehicles: Some car rental companies and ridesharing apps offer electric vehicles (EVs). In many ways, these vehicles behave similarly to vehicles with internal combustion engines. However, the big differences are EV range, charging method and acceleration. Charging an EV is a bit more work than refueling a petrol car, so knowing the range and the type of charging your car needs is essential. Also, EVs have instant torque, so remember how much pressure you put on your pedals when the light turns green or when you’re trying to pass another car. .
  • Size: Many people will be in one car on holiday trips. As such, many travelers choose to drive a larger vehicle than their home. “Keep in mind the size and width of your rental vehicle as it will help reduce the chance of an accident,” Quinn said.

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