Massachusetts Voters Pass Question 2, Set New Guidelines on Dental Insurance

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Massachusetts voters overwhelmingly approved a law Tuesday requiring dental insurers to spend a portion of the premiums they collect on customer dental costs and quality improvements, rather than on administrative costs.

Laws that had previously passed state legislatures appeared before voters. Question 2 About voting in Tuesday’s election. A “yes” vote was in favor of the new regulation. The “No” vote supported not changing the state law.

over 50 Of the votes tallied Tuesday night, the AP declared the voting initiative passed. As of midnight, the “yes” vote is leading by over 40 points for him.

proponents argued This measure will allow the dental insurance industry to align with the requirements already imposed on medical insurers. Noting that Delta Dental has filed state tax returns, the advocacy group, the Dental Insurance Quality Commission, said the law could prevent insurance company managers from overspending their businesses. Patient care cost him $177 million.

Effective January 1, 2024, new legislation will require dental insurers to spend at least 83% of the money they collect from premiums on improving the cost or quality of their services for their customers. Companies that fail to do so will have to refund the excess premiums to their customers.

Voters rejected claims by opponents that the new law would result in higher premiums and thousands of people would lose access to dental insurance. I called.

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