Marvel reveals one Avenger is a complete insurance nightmare

Many ordinary people in the Marvel Universe have insurance for superhero fights, but things get complicated when it comes to insuring Thor.

WARNING: Spoilers for Damage Control #3For those who live in the Marvel Universe, the avengersIt’s a constant battle, but I like some heroes Thor It has a far greater impact on insurance claims than any other.

many fans may not be aware Damage control is an integral part About how the Marvel Universe works on a real level. They were originally costumes responsible for cleaning up the much destruction left after the superhero battle. You can now be compensated for property, physical and emotional damage that you may have suffered.

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of Damage control #3 By Adam F. Goldberg, Hans Rodionoff, and Nathan Stockman, a Damage Control worker named Gus is trying to find his rightful place in the organization. He bounces between several different departments before getting to insurance.He was sent to Trenton, where Thor is engaged in battle with a giant fish monster. During this time, Black Tarantula approached Gus and billed the laundromat he operated for Hammerhead. Unfortunately, his claim was dismissed as the damage was caused by Thor. Since Thor is a god, any damage caused by him is considered an “act of God” and is not eligible for compensation.

thor is really god

This scene is very informative and hilarious. Especially since Black her tarantula burned Coin her laundry to collect the insurance money. This shows how different heroes are categorized in different ways in the bureaucratic world of the Marvel Universe.this is Not clear as damage control Suffice it to say that all superhero battles are the same.

Thor must be a pretty big wild card in this arena. Asgardians have been labeled with everything from gods to aliens. So for insurance they should belong to a completely separate category. Damage control may cover some form of god-related destruction. After all, their ultimate goal is to help people, and that means providing proper superhero insurance. may take time. Also, Black Tarantula and Hammerhead are gangs, so you probably won’t pay the premium to get insurance for Godhis tier.So this simply means to the avengers go, Thor It has a very unique and problematic insurance status.

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Damage control #3 Available from Marvel Comics.

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