LVHN withdraws insurance coverage for Etna

The Lehigh Valley Health Network is exiting a major insurance company.

Aetna will no longer be accepted after March 13, 2023. LVHN announced Thursday.

This means that Aetna patients will be able to receive in-network care for the next 120 days until that day.

Patients can then continue treatment outside the network or pay out-of-pocket.

LVHN said it would end its relationship with Aetna due to piling up of unpaid bills since 2017. Despite LVHN’s efforts to resolve these issues, Aetna routinely denies and delays claims, according to Health Network.

LVHN also said it is committed to ongoing care for ongoing treatment plans, including those battling cancer and pregnant women.

The medical network says it will send regular reminders to patients until that date, but in the meantime everyone should stick to their scheduled appointments and procedures.

LVHN has more information. website.

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