Letter to the Editor: This Mortgage Broker Says He Will Vote 6A

Vote YES on 6A to support affordable housing for our community. Housing costs in Granby and the Fraser Valley have more than doubled for him in the last four years. This negatively impacts all residents, not just those looking for affordable housing. There are currently about 1,000 jobs vacant in the Valley, according to surveyed Valley employers.

As a landlord and mortgage broker, I have seen long-term residents move out of Granby and the Fraser Valley in search of more affordable housing options. Neighboring communities in Summit, Eagle, and Root counties are grappling with this issue, and 6A plans are being coordinated based on the successful Yampa Valley Housing Authority model. 6A creates a sustainable funding source for creating affordable housing options that don’t exist today.

What if 6A doesn’t pass? City Market recently closed its deli and meat counters due to staff shortages. The East Grand School District says it will not accept teaching jobs due to lack of housing. The same applies to medical, law enforcement, and firefighting staff.

The problem is simple and clear to all of us. A YES vote on 6A is the first step towards introducing decent housing solutions for local workers and their families.

Dan Phillips, Granby

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