Laris Insurance Announces Lafourche Woman: ‘First Lady’ of Lafourche Parish

Lafourche Parish Archie Shason has been in the public eye, especially as she dealt with COVID, Hurricane Ida and other historical issues in her first term leading the parish.

But what locals don’t often see is our parish’s First Lady. Although she prefers to be behind the scenes, she said she loves our parish and its people.

Rector Chaisson has been married to his wife Ashley for 13 years. The family has his two daughters, 9-year-old Evelyn and his 7-year-old Reagan.

Speaking to The Gazette this week, Ashley Chason said her family’s life had changed since Archie’s election in 2018.

“How does it feel[to be Lafourche’s first lady]?” Chason said. “It’s bizarre, exciting, intimidating, fun and terrifying. Archie’s transition to the presidency was a very exciting time for our family, but it was also a little scary.” One thing has been a big undertaking for Archie and has brought a lot of changes to our family.It’s a good change, but it’s also a little scary.

The First Lady of our parish is a teacher who loves working with children. She spent most of her career at Central Lafourche High School. After Archie’s election, she resigned from that position and moved to alternative education, where she worked an average of three days a week in her classroom.

“I enjoy teaching because I love learning and I love seeing my students learn something new,” said Chaisson. “I enjoy interacting with students, especially teenagers.”

Chaisson said the transition to understudy was not easy, but it was the best for her family. This not only allowed her to devote more time to her family at home, but also helped her pursue other endeavors, such as becoming a youth sports coach for her children. rice field.

“I see my real job as managing the chaos in the home,” says Chaisson.

And being the parishioner’s wife is part of that “turmoil.”

Chaisson has seen some of the wildest times in our parish history as First Lady. She said she was scared to see Archie deal with COVID as the couple lost a personal friend to the virus and was worried about his health. was a challenge. Both brought the parishioner many long, sleepless nights, and Ashley, she said, did her best to be strong for the parishioner and the children.

The unexpected nature of Archie’s job, which Ashley said was the hardest thing about being First Lady — Archie sometimes has to work unexpectedly long, unpredictable hours.

When something happens in the parish, Archie responds. There are problems with pumping stations, power outages, boat accidents, diesel spills, important issues that come up in meetings,” he says. “Archie leaves the house a lot, but I don’t know when he’ll come back. The girls and I continue with our routines as best we can. I can’t sleep well until Archie comes home, so these events happen at night.” I especially hate

But life is slowly coming back, and Ashley said she loves seeing Lafourche get back on her feet.

She said one of her favorite things about being First Lady is going to festivals, sports games, or other community events and seeing the national spirit in full play. . She said the second is seeing Archie working with pride in doing all he can for our community.

“He loves being a leader and is so passionate about our parish,” Ashley said. “I can see him working hard and enjoying what he does.”

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