Lack of Non-QM Demand: “Big Misunderstanding”

Fisher believes the definition of non-QM borrowers needs to be broadened.

“As you know, interest-only is unique to this space,” he continued. “So you will probably find that there are borrowers who didn’t refinance in the good times or didn’t get the best possible interest rates in the good times. A broader set of conditions can lower pay to some extent, especially if they are self-employed, whether they are employees of regular W-2 workers or self-employed. Because I’m struggling with

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“So it’s a great time to try to make cash flow and look at those opportunities, on the bank statements, and with investors. If you don’t plan to work non-QM is best considering when you can get agency and what you get with QM, close now.execution to prepay the loan especially for interest only payments We should consider non-QM as a possible means.”

Harvey adds: But in reality, borrowers without that traditional paper entitlement really drive them to us. I think we have a lot to offer all these borrowers. ”

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