Insurance Delinquency Hampering Settlement in Randy Cox Case

Yash Roy, Contributing Photographer

Insurance delinquencies are blocking the $100 million lawsuit filed against the city by Randy Cox. paralyzed During the summer in New Haven police custody.

City officials said they are waiting for reservation letters from two insurers, Old Republic and Allied World. A retention letter confirms that the city’s insurance policies can cover the Summer event — policies now revealed to be worth a total of $30 million. payments include issuing municipal bonds or raising taxes.

Cox’s attorneys and family pressured the city to expedite the process by sending a formal written request to the insurance company. A written request initiates the formal expediting process.

“I didn’t want to lose Randy 30 days ago, so I applied to expedite the process,” civil rights attorney Ben Crump said at a news conference at City Hall on Friday. But I don’t think your actions match your words.”

Len Speller, a spokesperson for the mayor’s office, told News that the city had made a verbal request to expedite the process, but no formal letter had been sent to the insurance company.

Cox was arrested by the NHPD on June 19 and was paralyzed from the neck down after being thrown into a police van en route to the train station. Since then, he has regained his ability to speak.

“Today is the ‘Justice Delayed, Justice Denied’ press conference here in front of New Haven City Hall,” Esdale said at the conference’s opening. “It has been 137 days since Randy Cox was paralyzed in police custody. We have mobilized to bring him to justice.

Cox’s mother and sister attended Friday’s press conference, where they also doubled as lookouts. They held up placards with messages such as “Please help me.” release by New Haven Police.

Cox’s lawsuit, filed on September 27 against New Haven and five police officers involved in the incident, alleges that the officers disenfranchised him under the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments. , denounces police recklessness, negligence and excessive force. .

On the day the lawsuit was filed, Erichker said he was open to a settlement, but King and city officials needed more time to study the lawsuit and engage with the insurance companies.

“I’m Randy’s mayor,” Ericer said at a press conference. “I want to bring him justice. I’m as frustrated as you are, but I have to ask. I know it’s hard to hear you ask.” We are doing everything we believe we can do.”

At Cox’s press conference, Crump told attendees that Cox is currently in a short-term care facility where he must turn his body over eight times a day to stay alive. He added that he was paralyzed and had no feeling in his torso or limbs. increase.

“Miss Doreen wakes up every day and takes public transportation to take care of her baby,” Crump said. “She’s doing the best she can with what she has, and the city keeps breaking her promises, so there’s not much that could have put her in this situation. .”

Crump added that Cox is a unique case because the video captures nearly the entire incident. The case has been compared to that of Freddie Gray, who was murdered while in Baltimore police custody. Gray’s incident was not caught on camera.

Comparing the two cases, activist Tamika Mallory said, “Here in New Haven, I saw a tape of the rough driving that killed Freddie Gray. I wonder why $100 million is too much.” There might be some, but no one would want to replace Randy.”

Elicker also provided an update on the state attorney’s investigation into the five officers involved in the incident. State police have closed an investigation, but the state attorney’s office is not ready to make a decision on the case.

Ben Crump previously led a successful civil lawsuit on behalf of his family. Breonna Taylor When George Floyd’s against the cities of Louisville and Minneapolis, respectively.

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