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health insurance challenge

I need your strength!

As we all know, health insurance is a challenge at Fishers Island. If you have health insurance through your Fishers employer, you can see most doctors at CT.

However, if you purchase insurance from the New York Stock Exchange (ACA/Obamacare), the insurance is only available in New York State. Most ACA/NY insurances don’t allow him here to see Dr. Chris Ingram at the IHP (how ridiculous!). The cost of ACA health insurance, combined with the cost of traveling to a doctor in NY, combined with the inconvenience of taking unpaid time off from work, often deters people from buying insurance in the first place. Why pay so much for something of little value?

ICB is working to find ways to help people with this health insurance problem. The idea of ​​creating a “pool” to purchase group insurance for uninsured islanders doesn’t work for a number of reasons. (One reason, for example, is that people must be full-time employees of that “pool”.)

Another option that seems to be within reach is for NY legislators to allow Fishers residents with ACA insurance to use NY state ACA insurance in CT. The CT doctor must also cooperate, so there is a two-step challenge here.

The first step to making progress is finding out how many people are interested in Fishers.

So here is one important question. I need you to answer.

Would you buy ACA insurance on the NY Exchange if it was available in CT?

If you’re interested, please reply so I can get the exact number.

We welcome your responses in a variety of ways. Response deadline: November 30th.

  • Reply to ICB by email: ficommunityboard@gmail.com
  • Email the link on FishersIsland.net.
  • Submit paper responses to the Community Center

_______ Yes, I will purchase ACA insurance if it is available in CT.

________ If you can use it in CT, you may switch to NY/ACA from the insurance you have now.

________________________________ Name (optional)

Printable Survey Response Sheet

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