I was traumatized by the leaking roof of my old apartment, so when it happened at home, I was very relieved to have insurance to cover it.

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  • My last apartment leaked badly every time it rained.
  • When my partner and I moved we found a great house, but the roof was 25 years old.
  • It was leaked within six months, but my homeowner’s insurance covered most of my bills.

After 13 months of living in an apartment that had black mold growing on the ceiling every time it rained and streams of water running down the walls of our bedrooms, kitchens and closets, we had had enough. If you fall asleep listening to it, it will get old very quickly.

My partner and I were 26 at the beginning of 2017 and weren’t ready to buy a house on our meager salary. He was a journalist and I was a customer service representative. However, his last apartment had a relentless drain, and mine hadn’t been renovated since the ’70s.

Both had their fair share of strange and noisy neighbors, including a man we called The Meat Man who sold steaks of questionable quality and origin from the chest freezer in the back of our pickup truck.

We were ready to create something new. ours.

We found a nice house, but the roof was old.

we found a little one, Cape Cod style home in Columbus, OhioBuilt in 1946 for soldiers returning from World War II and their families. The soldier’s son, who is now an old man, is the man we bought the house from. It was lovingly tended. The inspector said he had never seen a house this old and in such good shape.

But the roof was over 25 years old. We didn’t have any leaks when we bought the house, but we knew it would need to be replaced in the next few years.As first time homebuyers we didn’t have 20% and were hoping to wait down payment (thank you very much, PMI!) And while trying to cobble together as much as possible for that, in addition to the cost of moving, all the small costs of making the place livable (curtains, so many curtains), our savings Empty.

Six months later, I noticed a familiar wet spot on my bedroom ceiling. We felt cursed.

I wanted a new roof on my credit card and insurance coverage

I was so sick of the leaking roof that I decided to replace the entire roof instead of fixing just one. Adhesive bandages are useless when bones need to be reset. He cost us $5,720 to replace the roof on her 1,012 square foot house. homeowners insurance.

It was a long-awaited and stressful month, but in the end, Farm Homeowners Insurance Saved our tails and our sanity. They refunded us her $4,430 so in the end he only had to pay $1,290 out of pocket. A brand new roof for under $1,300 isn’t bad.

If Farmers hadn’t refunded us as much as they did, when would we have paid off that cost? I would have had to pay interest on the balance.

I also appreciate that the Farmers didn’t try to fight us with our roofer of choice. I’ve heard stories of insurers requiring their customers to choose from a specific pool of contractors, likely to control the cost of the insurer’s payments. It’s important for my partner and I to keep our dollars local. So we were able to choose a roofer who was highly recommended by our neighbors and based just two miles away.

The paperwork and so-called bureaucracy usually stress me out, but the process of submitting the claim was easy. I expected more whoops, so I was pleased that I didn’t have to do many jumps.

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Premiums rose slightly after roof replacement

The annual premium in 2017 when we first got the house and filed the roof claim was $578.31. This was because I had just gotten homeowners insurance and had a “no claim discount”.

In 2018, the next renewal following the roof replacement claim, premium went up I lost the no charge discount so it came to $660.83. We expected that much but hoped they wouldn’t sustain the increase for longer than we did claim free discounts are back in 2019 but the premium is he $673.67 was.

In 2020, we added home business insurance to our homeowners insurance to cover the Etsy vintage shop inventory we ran out of our guest rooms. Amazingly, that extra coverage lowered the premium for 2021 to $645.

possibly inflation, allHowever, there was a note in the policy document that since the roof replacement, nothing has gone wrong and there have been no complaints in almost five years. As such, a “claims waiver discount” is planned for 2023. “Prevents your premium from increasing as a result of your next claim after your policy has been in effect for his five years without a claim.”

Thankfully, there is no upper limit to the number of claims you can submit in a given period of time. So when it comes to a stressful year of house collapse, it feels good to know that filing an insurance claim won’t add much…to that stress.

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