I-81 Is Improved With Federal Loans

WASHINGTON, DC (WHSV) – US Senators Mark R. Warner and Tim Kaine announced two loans from the US Department of Transportation (DOT) to Virginia. Transportation Infrastructure Finance Innovation Act (TIFIA) program.

Loans of up to $82.6 million to help finance the I-81 Scheduled Project, which focuses on many improvements in Roanoke County, such as building additional lanes and replacing bridges.

$15 million for the I-81 Rural Project to extend highways to and from ramps in Frederick, Pulaski, Lockbridge, Shenandoah, Smith, Washington, Wythe counties, and the Abingdon and Wytheville ramps.

“Anyone who has traveled on Interstate 81 knows it is in desperate need of repair. We’ve been fighting for upgrades to make it easier and safer to travel, and to allow Virginia businesses to ship products to customers farther afield.” said the senator. “We are pleased that these loans are directed to Virginia to enable improvements to I-81, and to enable Virginia communities to build and maintain roads and bridges. We will continue to build on the progress we have made with the bipartisan infrastructure law.”

More than a third of the trucks that pass through Virginia and about half of the value of federal goods travel along Interstate 81. Traffic on Interstate 81 has increased significantly over the past decade, and travel along Interstate is expected to continue to increase.

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