Homeowners lose millions as California mortgage relief firm faces misconduct charges

Hayward, California (KGO) — A California mortgage relief company operating under at least 10 different names has temporarily closed and its assets frozen by court order. Accused of charging homeowners millions of dollars.

This well-kept neighborhood of Hayward is home to Abundo Sharma and his wife for 18 years. He is on sick leave and is now afraid of losing his home.

“Oh boy,” Sharma said after a long silence.

He could hardly put his feelings into words. He has been saving up for 34 years to buy this house.

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“This house is everything to us. To me, to my family,” he said.

He turned to Golden Home Services America for mortgage relief. The agreement lists his new interest rate as his 1.8%.

This saves nearly $1,800 each month from your current monthly payment.

“We signed everything. I signed all the papers. Whatever you needed. Bank statements and everything,” he said.

Everything they told him was on track for approval.

“We promised that $3,400 a month would be your payment, so we thought everything would be fine,” Sharma said.

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But 14 months later, final approval has yet to come.

Still, Golden Home Services America continued to send him monthly bills for additional charges.

“Almost every month they would ask for money from me and I would send it. I paid them about $20,000,” he said.

Suzanne Martindale is an attorney with the California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation who filed the complaint. With the Federal Trade Commission.

‚ÄúConsumers have paid money up front for services, but the results of all those things never materialize. I claim.”

7 On Your Side has contacted attorneys representing Golden Home Services America and other companies named in the lawsuit.

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“No comments at this time. Thank you for calling.” He then hung up.

“Consumers should once again be wary of lofty promises of quick and easy savings with the high-pressure selling tactic of paying upfront,” Martindale said.

Sharma, on the other hand, hopes for the best but fears the worst.

7 On Your Side helped Sharma find a HUD-certified housing counselor.

The defendants in this case are:

  • Amster Service Group
  • Atlantic Pacific Service
  • Home Matters United States
  • Golden Home Service America
  • academy home service
  • green equitable solution
  • South West Consulting Enterprise, Inc.
  • Apex Consulting & Associates Co., Ltd.
  • Infocom Entertainment Inc.
  • Home Relief Service of America
  • Roger Scott Dyer
  • Dominic Ahiga (Michael Dominic Grinnell)

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