Hinckley Launches Student Loan Program – The Ellsworth American

Southwest HarborHinckley Yacht Service When landing school Announced expansion of ongoing partnerships to increase both creative recruitment into the marine industry and educational programs that support employee retention and career development opportunities for existing employees.

Hinckley currently employs 60 people at its Southwest Harbor Service Center and 200 people at its manufacturing facility in Trenton. The company plans to increase its in-state workforce by at least 10-15% next year, and is committed to regional workforce development and support for New England’s Maritime Trade School. To that end, the company launched the Hinckley Yachts Student Loan Assistance Program. This is an employer-paid student loan program for employees who have graduated from a post-secondary technology trade program.

The program helps employees pay off student loan debt incurred for post-secondary tech trade programs such as those offered by The Landing School. Eligible employees include full-time employees who have graduated from a post-secondary technical/trade program within 12 months of the date the employee first applied for assistance under this policy. The new employee will begin receiving payments after she has been employed at Hinckley continuously for three months.

Geoff Berger, CEO of The Hinckley Co., said: Continuously by training and teaching traditional methods at work. HYSLAP was developed in close partnership with He The Landing School of Maine. It is he one of the top maritime trade schools in the country. ”

The Landing School offers programs in wooden boat construction, composite boat construction, marine systems, and yacht design. Many students come directly from high school to earn an associate’s degree and start a new career, but an even larger percentage are recent college graduates or “careers”.

Sean Fawcett, president of The Landing School, said: “Over the years, many Landing School graduates have established important and rewarding careers at Hinckley. It’s a testament to the value we place on relevant education.”

Founded in 1928, the Hinckley Company manufactures and manages boats for local lobster fishermen and continues to build classic boats such as the Bermuda 40 and picnic boats. Today, Hinckley builds his 29- to 55-foot carbon/epoxy his jet boats and yachts, supporting owners and other yachtsmen in a network of service yards from Maine to Florida.

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