Here’s how to financially prepare for home ownership

Most homebuyers do not have a lump sum that can be used to purchase a home in a single cash payment. Instead, buyers usually require a mortgage. Learn how to prepare yourself financially to buy a home so you can easily raise the funds you need.

improve credit score

When applying for a mortgage, your credit score and other application details must meet the lender’s requirements. Lenders will pull your credit report and score to determine how risky it is to lend you money and how likely you are to pay off your mortgage debt.

Once you know where your credit score is, request a free copy of your credit report from each of the three major credit bureaus. AnnualCreditReport.comUntil the end of 2023, you can request a new report each week as needed.

repay existing debt

If you have a large credit card balance, personal loans, or other consumer debt, consider reducing the amount you owe before applying for a reduces your value Debt-to-income ratio.

A low DTI increases the likelihood that your mortgage application will be approved. Nearly a third of homebuyers cited DTI as the reason their mortgage lenders declined applications. 2022 report From the National Association of Realtors.

There is no universal number as specific DTI requirements vary by lender. However, the lower the DTI, the better.

Save upfront costs

Knowing how much home you can afford can help you set reasonable savings goals. To understand this, you can use tools such as: mortgage calculatorYou can also apply the 28/36 rule. This means that 28% of his monthly gross income should be spent on housing and no more than 36% on debt payments.

down payment preparation

Successfully saving a substantial down payment is a commendable achievement. However, be sure to have the funds ready so you can avoid application problems.

“Deposit gift funds only after speaking with a mortgage consultant,” says Walton. “Some lenders require the donor to have a bank statement showing that the donor has more than 30 days of funds in her account. to prove that.”

Mishandling gift funds can have consequences. “If it is cash or ‘mattress money’ kept at home and accepts a donor’s cash deposit without knowing that a bank statement is required, those funds will be used in the transaction (from ) may result in disqualification,” says Walton.

Avoid financial changes

Avoid taking on new debt when you’re applying for a mortgage, especially when you’re closing your new home. Taking out a personal loan of $10,000 for a person is not a good idea and can complicate the loan process.

“If the lender had been notified earlier, the homebuyer might have had the option to allow enough time to qualify the loan before the settlement date to settle everything. ‘ says Johnson. Failure to notify the lender in a timely fashion “essentially ties the lender’s hands.”

  • Change jobs, including becoming self-employed.
  • Purchasing a car or boat.
  • run out of credit cards.
  • Close your existing account.
  • use a down payment.
  • We buy any kind of furniture.
  • Making large undocumented payments to bank accounts.
  • co-signed by anyone.

Estimate future costs

Property taxes are an expected and significant expense. You can contact your local appraisal office to obtain a home valuation for tax purposes. Final disclosure We will also inform you about the property tax.

“Ask your agent if local taxes are expected to be reassessed in the near future or if there are any large municipal projects in town that could significantly increase local taxes,” he said. Attorney Christa Kenin said: She is a real estate agent for Douglas Elliman, a luxury residential real estate brokerage firm.

In addition, Kenin cautions homebuyers to factor in recurring expenses such as:

  • Homeowners Association Fees.
  • homeowner insurance.
  • lawn care.
  • Appliance replacement or repair.
  • Increased utilities, such as increased heating and cooling costs.

How else do I need to prepare to buy a home?

Buying a home can be a complicated and stressful process. first time home buyerPreparation will help the experience run more smoothly, allowing you to finish on time with as few problems as possible.

In addition to being financially prepared, other steps include various considerations. loan option Then find a lender that meets your needs.

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