Hala Insurance ushers in a new era with ultra-instant claims process

With the rise of insurtech, insurers are significantly improving the customer experience by digitizing services, reducing costs, and enhancing underwriting and actuarial processes. Hala Insurance, the UAE’s fastest growing Insurtech company, is at the forefront of this mission, offering an ultra-instant claims process that automatically approves 91% of his car repairs. doing.

In today’s fast-paced world, consumers expect around-the-clock service in every aspect of their lives. When it comes to the insurance industry, Hala Insurance is energizing the market with its ultra-fast claims process. In the broader industry, it can take up to a week for policyholders to get auto insurance claim approval. However, Hala Insurance offers an unprecedented 91% pre-approval for auto repairs in the UAE. This means that 9 out of 10 of her policyholders who have filed a claim with Hala Insurance and brought the car into the garage will get an automatic approval for the repair and get their car fixed right away.

Hala Insurance has also made significant progress in streamlining the policyholder claim submission process. Instead of filling out lengthy forms or sending multiple emails to insurance companies, Hala allows customers to submit claims within two minutes of her from a user-friendly digital platform. Customers are instantly assigned their preferred garage, eliminating wait times and getting them back on the road faster.

Until recently, the insurance industry was said to be slow to adopt innovative technology solutions. We are changing the face of the ATEQ industry.


About Hara Insurance:

Hala Insurance is built by Addenda Labs LTD, a private tech startup based in ADGM, United Arab Emirates. Our aim is to provide our customers with the easiest and most cost-effective way to purchase auto insurance through our underwriting partner, EMIRATES INSURANCE CO (EMINSCO).

When you purchase Hara Insurance, the policy is actually issued by EMINSCO, which is regulated by the UAE Insurance Authority. All policies and claims issued through this website or the Hara Web App will be processed by EMINSCO.

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