GOVERNOR’S OFFICE | Gov. Murphy signs bill to make unemployment insurance system more efficient and pay out benefits faster

Trenton – Gov. Phil Murphy today signed into law (S2357) to make certain changes to the administration of the state’s unemployment insurance (“UI”) system to make it more efficient and facilitate timely payment of benefits. did. The legislature agreed to the governor’s conditional veto of previous versions of the law because the governor was recommending changes necessary to ensure compliance with federal law.

“As we work to enhance our UI system, we need to make sure the process is timely and transparent from start to finish.” Governor Murphy said. “The amendments sent back to Congress ensure compliance with federal law and commend the sponsors of the bill for their dedication to improving state UI systems. All eligible for unemployment benefits Recipients of are entitled to assistance as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

“We distributed $37 billion to more than 2 million workers during the pandemic, and we hate to see a single resident struggling to pay their bills or find a new job. ” Labor Commissioner Robert Asaro Angelo said. “That is why we are excited to partner with the U.S. Department of Labor to develop a new, modern and agile unemployment system that is accessible, equitable and designed to reduce the time it takes eligible workers to receive benefits. We are very proud of our legislative partners for continuing to advocate for voters and our claimants and giving us more tools to speed up the review process for the benefit .”

Major sponsors of the bill include Senators Fred Madden Jr. and Joseph Lagana, and Congressmen Paul Moriarty, Shama Haider, and Joe Danielsen.

“This law is a response to processing delays and waiting times seen during a critical period of high unemployment during the coronavirus crisis. We provide much-needed relief to complainants by offering them many options: We will work directly with department staff to resolve their issues.” Senator Fred Madden, chairman of the Senate Labor Committee, said: “The unemployment compensation scheme is intended to help people during difficult times in life, and this reform will help the program meet that objective.”

“Certainly, the last few years of the pandemic have been difficult for people and stressful for government agencies. A delay can be the difference between a family being able to pay their monthly bills or put food on the table. Senator Joe Lagana said“This legislation will ensure that all eligible individuals receive services in a timely manner and receive benefits earned, thus potentially avoiding unnecessary financial burdens.”

“We cannot allow delays in processing to prevent individuals from receiving their true unemployment benefits, especially when those benefits represent the difference between paying bills and raising a family. New Jersey residents will now be able to claim eligible unemployment benefits without delay, helping prevent families from enduring undue financial hardship during an already difficult time.” Congressmen Paul Moriarty, Shama Haider and Joe Danielsen said they sponsored the legislation.

The recommendations outlined in the Conditional Veto include amendments to ensure that benefits are paid in compliance with federal law. These amendments allow the workforce to allow employers to communicate information with departments other than electronically in limited circumstances where the employer has indicated that it is unable to do so electronically. Authorize the Department of Development’s Unemployment and Temporary Disability Insurance Division. The proposed change would also allow overpayments made under the federal CARES Act to be reimbursed against the claimant’s fault and against fairness and conscience. The revision also clarifies that waivers will only be granted if the department determines. stipulates that no benefit will be paid to the applicant if the disqualification period is overturned.

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