goosehead insurance

  • Public company founded in 2003
  • 3D-FW Office
  • 924 D-FW and 1,506 US workers

Westlake-based property and casualty insurance company represents more than 80 insurance companies.

Fun Facts: Goosehead is named after co-founders Robin and Mark Jones’ granddaughter Lucy, nicknamed “Lucy Goosey”.

Workers said:

“Everyone is so cheerful, and when I see someone happy at work, I can’t help but ring the alarm.”

“We are revolutionizing the insurance industry. It’s fun.”

“I am the CEO of my business.”

“My job is unique and I grow in everything I do. Goosehead gives me the opportunity to qualify and advance my career.”





Goosehead Insurance employees are shown at their Westlake headquarters with a ping pong table and foosball table in the rest area.(goosehead insurance)
Goosehead Insurance employees attend one of our weekly webinars.
Goosehead Insurance employees attend one of our weekly webinars.(goosehead insurance)

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