GO Mortgage Hires Finance of America Employees

Ohio-based GO Mortgage is the latest origination shop to house former Finance of America employees.

More than a dozen employees, mostly on the East Coast, have migrated to GO Mortgage in the past two weeks, according to a LinkedIn post.

A spokesperson for GO Mortgage said, “We interviewed and welcomed some of our talented former Finance of America team members to join us.” “We are delighted to have these talented professionals join our growing team and look forward to adding more as we continue to expand. They are our future will make an influential contribution to the success of

GO Mortgage joins at least two other origination shops that scooped up former Finance of America employees. FOA announced its intention to exit from retail mortgage originations on his October 21st.

Hallmark has the most home loans soon announced the addition of a group of 60 former Finance of America employees covering Colorado, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, South Carolina and Texas. This addition will bring Hallmark’s workforce to up to 250 people.

American Pacific Mortgage Integrated There are at least 40 FOA branches, mainly on the West Coast.

An APM source said, “We’re not really buying anything, such as their obligations.” There is no need to acquire the

According to Paul Hindman, managing director of Grid Origination Services, FOA has decentralized retail outlets, so unlike his colleagues at other companies, former Finance of America employees It’s being cleaned up aggressively.

“This means they are closer to borrowers,” Hindman said. “The idea is that the closer the relationship with the borrower, the better the business potential.”

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